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Pizza may come from Italy, but flavor comes from everywhere. Canada is a melting pot of cultures and RAPiZZA is here for it. Our flavors represent cultures from all over the globe to give you a pizza experience to remember.

Fusion of East & West

So, where do we draw the most influence? Our pizza chefs curate ingredients from all over the globe. Our fusion pizzas combine the flavors from India, Korea, Japan, the Middle East, and Mexico with the art of Italian pizza baking. Whoa, that’s a lot of flavor. Are you ready for it?

What the heck is a “RAPiZZA?”

You’re probably wondering where we get the RAPiZZA name. It is the combination of Rapid + Pizza. We aim to get your delicious comfort food as quickly as possible while never sacrificing on flavor. Enjoy the taste of sophisticated international cuisine in the comfort of a pizza.

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