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Wind up a tiring day, with our Pizzas right here in West Mississauga!

We Find Joy in Our Tradition

Mississauga's history predates European colonisation by more than 200 years. In the early 1600s, French traders encountered Native peoples known as the Mississaugas on Lake Huron's North Shore.

The name "Mississauga" translates as "Northern River with Many Mouths." Here, the culinary culture is a shifting environment inspired by many various cultures and cuisines from across the world.

The Mississaugas were an Ojibwa band that had travelled south and lived in the area surrounding Etobicoke Creek, Credit River, and Burlington Bay by the early 1700s.

Not only are there numerous local hidden treasures that specialise in offering home-cooked fare, but there are also a substantial number of talented chefs who rely on their history and culture to produce unique cuisine.

Mississauga expanded from a suburb of neighbouring metropolis Toronto to become one of Ontario's major cities. Mississauga has begun to create an excellent food culture as a result of its tremendous expansion.

Mississauga's culinary industry is vibrant and diverse, and what better location to try to convey our love via food than Mississauga? So here we are!

RAPiZZA, Mississauga is one of the few Mississauga restaurants that offers such a vast choice of culinary selections! We think we have everything you've ever desired! Come try it for yourself! We vow not to let you down and meet your every want when it comes to good food and great service!

Reasons we think you will love our restaurant for!

1. Fusion pizza ? You've never done anything like that before.
2. It's new! Healthy and better than any other pizza on the market!
3. Spices that explode in your tongue and transport you right to the memories of home!
4. Our food is a spicy explosion! Sweet and savoury at the same time! Just what we think you’ll love!

Here are our best sellers and favourites, that we think that you should try!

Palak Paneer Pizza!

If you admire and like the culture and flavour of Indian cuisine, this desi pizza is for you. Palak Paneer is the most popular main course in north Indian restaurants and homes. It is a major part of Punjabi cuisine that is wholehearted, flavorful, and full of advantages, much the same as the area and people with whom it is related. It has a creamy consistency and is dipped in a thick green sauce.

Be it Fenugreek seeds, which have been used centuries to cure a wide variety of ailments, or Paneer, which is known to be a rich source of protein and a meat substitute for all the vegetarians out there, or spinach, which is, without a doubt, a powerhouse for our bodies.

Palak paneer pizza is more than just an average eating treat; we locate the spectacular in the average and conjure wonders for you. Making certain that you experience the deliciousness of our combinations of ingredients!

Malabar Pizza!

When we think of the Malabar coast, the rich aromas and fragrances of cardamom, pepper, cloves, nutmeg, star anise, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, vanilla, and tamarind immediately spring to mind! All of these spices are highly valued in Ayurveda.

Our mozzarella peppers are a flavour explosion! To give the cheese a kick, peppers, rosemary, and chilies are added. This semi-soft, open-textured cheese has a peppery flavour with a delicate and buttery finish.

This pizza is a powerful explosion flavour of stir fried beef that our pizza professionals simply toss and transform into bite-sized bits of flavour over high heat in a little heated oil. Crisp and vibrant. Flavorful, tender, and seared to perfection!

If these choices don’t cut it, trust me we've got a variety of more that certainly will!

Come on! Head over right now to become an inseparable member of the RAPiZZA family! We’ve got our arms stretched open for all of you!

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