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The scrumptious pizza you’ve been looking
for in South Mississauga is right here!

Let’s take a trip back in time!

The Town of Mississauga was established in 1968, and the City of Mississauga was formed in 1974 by combining the Town of Mississauga and the communities of Port Credit and Streetsville, as well as part of the townships of Toronto Gore and Trafalgar.

Indigenous cuisine in Mississauga was traditionally centred on a combination of animal meat, hunted foods, and produced crop resources.

The city provides a great assortment of options and boasts a bevvy of North American, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Italian, and South American restaurants that give customers with practically every sort of food there is!

The culinary scene in Mississauga is tremendously active and multicultural and , well we thought, what better place to try and spread our love through our food than Mississauga! And so here we are! With our very own unit, close to you!

RAPiZZA, Mississauga is one of the few restaurants in Mississauga that brings to you such a diverse range of culinary options! We believe that we have everything you ever wanted! Come and try it out yourself! We promise to not disappoint and take away checkmarks in all the boxes that you want in your pizzas!

We can assure that anyone who visits our unit here will never go unsatisfied due to a lack of choice.

Here are some of our best sellers that we recommend you try !

Malai Tikka Pizza

To begin, it has a soft dough from the inside and a crackling crust on the exterior that dissolves in your mouth after the first piece.

Topped with korma gravy, the most well-known and well-liked Indian dish in the world. It has an obviously tangy flavour since it is prepared with creamy velvety yoghurt and cashew nuts that have been seasoned with fragrant spices.

Fresh red onions, bell peppers, and cilantro not only make it a colour explosion pizza, but its flavour is so wonderful because of the precise balance of salty and sweet, we’re already drooling...yum!

Philly’s steak sandwich

We already think this sandwich should top your WANT TO EAT list! And here is why! The addition of sautéed onions enhances this sandwich. We roast them till the edges are brown, the surface is semi-translucent with a crackling, and they soften in your mouth, which we feel provides the ideal crunch to a sandwich!

This sandwich is well complemented by our provolone cheese. This medium hard cheese is formed from stretched curd and is known for its ability to take on a variety of shapes and sizes. It's smooth, mellow, and full of personality, with nutty and salty undertones.

Butter chicken Pizza!

Butter Chicken Pizza is a nostalgic treat for our fusion pizza fans. loaded with fantastic spices and veggies to give a unique mixture of flavours.

The first time you eat butter chicken, it may feel like a magical spell. It's a great combination of spices, creaminess, and ingredients makes it an excellent choice for anyone with a wide range of taste preferences. In addition, if you're new to Indian cuisines, the butter chicken pizza is the best place to start. This pizza is influenced by Indian cuisine and has deep Indian roots.

If not these, then we have a variety of other choices that will appeal to your taste buds! You can check them out on our Menu!

Go to the RAPiZZA store in Mississauga or order from your mobile phone! One of the best restaurants in Mississauga is just a few available right! It's quick, simple, and maddeningly good!

Order now! And avail the best coupons for the best food ever!










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