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Buttery Brilliant Brampton Pizzas only at RAPiZZA!

Brampton, named after the market town of Brampton in Cumbria, England, was incorporated as a village in 1853 with a population of 50 people. Brampton was incorporated as a town in 1873, with 2,000 inhabitants. Once upon a time, the area was known as "Canada's Flower Capital"

A little village rich in culture and National tradition nestled living in the roots of Ontario. Woodbridge, Ontario first constituted in 1855, when the postal service opened as a consequence of rising populace and industries. The village was built across the Humber River, which provided ideal agricultural settings, resulting in a successful rural town.

Let’s talk about food! For food is one of our favourite things to talk about! And well, eat! Brampton has its own unique traditional cultures, which date back to the ancient settlers known as the "Habitants." The produce is as plentiful as the snowy winters. Their traditions include tourtiere, maple syrup, ham and pea soup, and frites. Food culture has evolved in this small town drastically and brings us to this day when we are offering the best desi styles pizzas in Brampton and dishes right to your doorsteps!

Welcome to RAPiZZA, Brampton! Your friendly neighbourhood food stop! With the best pizza in Brampton! We promise! Our restaurant has dishes for all types of taste preferences and choices! Delicacies to enjoy anywhere and everywhere!

RAPiZZA is one of the few Indian restaurants in Brampton that have dishes which are inspired by lands of Southern India and offer a wide variety of delectable and nutritious dishes. Crispy crepe-like dosas or dozzas are one of the restaurant's specialties. Here, we have several varieties including plain, masala, onion masala, butter masala and rava onion masala dozza!

The masala dost and onion masala dozzas are like a pancake or crepe that are thin and crisp. Because of the fermentation, it has a slightly tangy flavour that is savoury rather than sweet.

We also have the much loved onion masala dozza and butter masala dozza which is one of the most loved dishes in India, and we bring the recipes right from the kitchens of the experts that cook it there! The taste is to die for, slightly spicy, slightly sweet, a complete balance of everything right in the world! Oh my, our mouths are watering as we write this! Apart from these are the ghee roast masala dozza and the rava onion masala dozza!

We must emphasise on the advantages of eating ghee for there are many! It is one of the most rich food additives of healthy fat!

According to studies, the conjugated linoleic acid contained in ghee can aid in the reduction of overweight and obesity. It can also aid in the reduction of body fat mass in certain individuals. Despite its high fat content, ghee contains a lot of monounsaturated Omega-3s. These beneficial fatty acids help to maintain a stable heart and circulatory system.

Well good food that brings you good health! What else can we ask for? The best part about this category? Dosa or Dozza is a balanced meal alternative, and provides the right amount of fat, making it a healthy choice. The healthy carbohydrates in the dosa batter escape gradually, providing you with the energy you need during the day.

Some other items on the recipe include, mysore, chettinad spicy masala and cheese masala dozza. They also have the scrumptious Jaipuri paneer masala dozza Made straight from the kitchens in heaven, these varieties melt in your mouth like hot butter in the simmering summer! With flavours that you’ve never even thought of experiencing, we assure you the tastiest and best pizzas in Brampton and in the world!

For all the meat lovers out there, the restaurant serves the most delectable chicken kheema dozza! Chicken Kheema brings out the taste of rich tomato-based curries with heavy ginger, garlic, and green chilli flavours.The combination of tomato and ginger is a signature feature of these dishes!

Bring your kids along because we’ve got a surprise for them as well! Dripping and luscious chocolate dozzas! That’s right! They are simply a delight for every kid! It's so easy to bribe a child with nutrition, but children are challenging; they just want it to look good first. That's what we do! Serving good food! That looks so good that your kids just can't say no!

In addition to these very yummy dosas, the food joint also serves many types of Uthappams, which are again a specialty of Southern Indian cuisine, bringing health and taste onto your platter in a mouth watering combo!

Head over to the Bampton RAPiZZA outlet, or order from your phones! Just a click away from one of the best Indian restaurants in Brampton! It’s quick, It's simple and it's so so so delicious!








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