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Burlington boasting the best pizzas you’ve ever tasted!

Burlington is the largest city in Vermont and the county seat of Chittenden County. It lies 45 miles south of the Canada–United States border and 94 miles north of the United States–Canada frontier. Burlington is located on Lake Champlain's eastern side, north of Shelburne Bay.

Burlington has a thriving food culture that features inventive takes on "traditional" cuisine. Food is and always will be the crucial unifying factor that connects us all together as a community, whether it's the flexibility of Canadian food or the pervasiveness of Indian spices! But a fusion! Well that just blows our minds away!

Food is associated with a feeling of location, history, and personality;it ties us to the memories of a place. It exhibits a relationship between these factors and culinary experiences. While culture is often exclusive to nations and areas of origin, it is an important aspect of one's own identity.

Here are three major reasons you want to try our pizzas!

1. We purse quality

We make certain that flavour is supplied to you in a healthy manner. This epidemic has taught us in more ways than one, that being fit is synonymous with being joyous!

2. We bring you healthy pizzas!

We make certain that our fresh ingredients are both freshly delivered and freshly cooked. At RAPiZZA, we place the highest emphasis on offering the greatest pizza toppings as well as the greatest pizza dough.

3. We save you a lot of bucks! And we're fast

At almost the lowest prices, RAPiZZA brings you the best flavours you can get on a platter ! And that too as fast and in the blink of an eye!

You can also try some of our top sellers! They have been selling like hotcakes!

● Chicken Wings

We cannot fight the fact that chicken wings are like delicious pieces of absolutely mouth watering crisp blessings! Come on! This is the best fast food! The best take out and the best place to eat! The best everything

It is the most delectable section of the bird. It has the strongest skin-to-meat ratio, except from the neck. You might not notice, but the coating of the chicken wing contributes to the luscious tangy flavor in just a few bites. Due to the extreme bone and length, it is also inherently enticing to us.

Wings are something to fulfil the needs of your hearts with! They are little bits of delicacy that are often consumed at a bar with a beverage or in your living room.

● Chocolate S’mores pizza!

That's right! Chocolate! Pizza! Our two favourite things ever! We love our crust for this pizza! This lovely, flaky crust adds character, and because it's so fluffy, there's not much to deflect from the flavours on top. It's breathtaking and gives new meaning to the word "pizza."

Delicate bread baked in the kitchen and topped with all of the s'mores toppings! You can enjoy the flavours of s'mores whenever you want with this excellent s'mores seasoning combination. Is it possible to call it the greatest pizza in town? Well, we believe it is near!

● Lamb Seekh Pizza!

This pizza is packed with hotpot essence and ground lamb, giving it a unique twist and creating a flavour eruption on a single piece. The curry Spice mix used in this pizza is created from homemade spices, that you probably already have on hand, perhaps buried somewhere in your kitchen, such as parmesan and red onions, and it provides this pizza a terrific flavour.

Did you know that putting lamb on pizza boosts its nutritional value quite a lot ? It is not just high in high-quality protein, but also in a number of critical elements such as iron, zinc, and vitamin B12.

Didn’t we say we believed in health ?

You do not have to wait so long to place your order! Go to our website and place it right away!! Perhaps you might try our D E L I C I O U S Malabar pizzas, which, as we like to say, add the goodness of spice to your life!






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